The lighting market is fiercely competitive. Where is the road?

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Implement the “One Belt, One Road” two-way bridgehead
The rise of e-commerce has brought a lot of impact to physical stores to a certain extent. Many small manufacturers have shifted from store development to e-commerce development in order to save store expenses. Business is difficult today and the market is cold. It is hoped that the government can strengthen management, especially to optimize the transportation department of the ancient town, optimize the transportation conditions for the development of lighting in Guzhen, and implement the “one road and one belt” policy to drive domestic consumption demand and support the lighting industry.
Manager Li, General Manager of Zhongshan Lighting Co., Ltd.
High-end products must defeat low-end products
The manufacturers who received the orders in the store did not attract too many customers, and the rise of e-commerce led to the rent reduction of the stores. As for whether the store is saturated, it is up to the market to decide, and the development of the industry has the final say.
Industry shuffling is a trend, as is the case in any industry, not just in the lighting industry. In fact, this is a good thing and a rare business opportunity. Industry reshuffle means that there are strong companies, more opportunities, and go further. High-end products always beat low-end products. Therefore, it is inevitable that products will continue to move from the low end to the high end. Enterprises are constantly optimizing and technological innovations to survive in the market. However, due to China's consumption level and the diversification and multi-level of consumer groups, in general, different levels of products have a certain consumer group, so no matter how shuffle, there are a certain number of small manufacturers to find their own survival. space. No matter how the industry develops and how to shuffle, it is certain that no single company or an industry alliance is strong enough to wipe out the market customers.
Zhongshan Shengren Lighting Co., Ltd. is in parallel with domestic sales and export sales, and the domestic sales are mainly based on engineering, and the project is not based on large and medium-sized cities. This avoids the stagnation of real estate and other projects in large and medium-sized cities. influences. In addition to China, there are still many markets to be developed in the world, and it is not as fast as China's development. There are still great needs in these markets, but the product quality and price requirements are lower. As long as we can do it, we still have profits. Just take the order. Therefore, our overall situation in 2015 is still optimistic.
I am not very optimistic about the market in 2016, but it will not be worse than this year. Therefore, companies should make appropriate self-adjustment to meet 2016. Because, in any industry, at any time, there is a market need. The question is what you have made, whether you can make it look good, and you are willing to pay for it. Can do this, the market will never have a cold winter!
Zhongshan Guzhen, a certain lighting design Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang
Raise entry barriers to prevent vicious competition
In fact, the main reason for the rent reduction in the ancient town stores is that there is indeed a situation of oversupply in the hypermarkets, but in fact, there is no saturation in the big towns. "Without us doing business, your e-commerce can't jump up!" This is Dong Mingzhu's ridiculous words, but it hits the nail. E-commerce is just a business, not a factory. As long as the ancient town of Dengdu is to hold the production firmly, not only the e-commerce should order from the ancient town, but the whole world must go to the ancient town to order. At that time, the store in Guzhen may not be enough!
Industry shuffling is the normal state of economic development. As far as things are concerned, Guzhen lighting industry does have the characteristics of low threshold. Because of the low threshold, it will generate bucket prices, engage in monthly knots, seasons and even half a year. Cheques become vicious competitions such as “promissory notes”. Because of vicious competition, there is no product of their own. The "screwdriver factory" is difficult to survive, and there is a vicious circle in which the factory "runs the road" and then evolves to the "running road" of the freight department. For the future development of the ancient town, I believe that we must first intervene in management from the perspective of the government, severely punish those who "run the road", and secondly, improve the industry's entry barriers, encourage and praise the business of keeping promises, publicize positive energy, and illuminate the industrial chain of the lighting industry. In the same way, the lighting industry in Guzhen can go well and go far.
As far as the company is concerned, in the face of the market sales of lamps that will continue to be deserted next year, we will open up the export market to supplement the shortage of domestic orders, such as the development of our mobile phone Bluetooth remote control LED power supply, and then the direction of ultra-high power intelligent LED power supply. Split, an LED power supply to achieve 300W, 500W or even 1000W, for engineering lighting, navigation lighting.


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