Are you looking to offer a classy touch as you enjoy the Vatican experience; then consider hiring a private guide on private Vatican tours. This will give you a chance to slow your tour pace and also ask the guide all the questions you have or it arises in your mind.

Plus points

Having your own private tour and guide offers you the chance to alter the itinerary or you can take perfect pictures spending all the time. these will not be an issue with your private tour and moreover, your guide is just next to you to offer required explanation and you can move on to see the next tapestry, statues, painting, art work or corridor, as you decide. However, remember to book a guide early.


The highlights of this tour include visiting Vatican Museums, Raphael Rooms. St Peters Basilica, Sistine Chapel, Hall of Maps and Tapestries, Rome city center, colosseum levels and lots more.

Visiting without crowds is tough at the Vatican City that receives every day more than 17000 visitors and there is tourists always forming a line to enter. Moreover, once inside, you can hear the guard shouting not to take pictures.


Thus, opting for private tours is indeed a great way of visiting and enjoying the tourist hotspots. This is because these private tours arrange the timings to visit important places such as Vasari Corridor in Florence and Rome’s Sistine Chapel, without crowds. It means you can watch them peacefully and get immersed in their beauty.

Private tour guides offer you a unique experience and above all you can admire each place taking your time.  You can also opt for the service of skip the line and go straight. However, the security checks metal detector cannot be avoided. Carry regular handbags and enjoy a smoother process.

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