Fall is the season to get into the mountains. You can find Bromont bursting with fall colors and becoming less crowded. In fact, you can say goodbye to bugs during this time of the year. These make hiking a really enjoyable activity to engage in.

However, as with other kinds of activities, hiking comes with some risks and you can ensure your safety and your family’s with preparation and caution. Aside from the vibrant color, fall in the mountains brings shorter days, changing weather, and colder nights. With these volatile conditions, a simple day hike with your family can be riskier than your average summer exploration. If you are planning a randonnée en famille en octobre, make sure you fill your backpack with some extra caution.  The following are some ideas to spend a safe hiking activity in Bromont during fall:

Take the Time to Check Trail Conditions

A lot of trails can have snow and the snow level can drop as fall goes on. Talk to other hikers to check for the latest trip reports to be sure that the trail you choose is free of snow. Also, don’t forget to go to local ranger stations to check the conditions.

Don’t Leave your Loved Ones in the Dark

Before head to the hiking destination, ensure somebody knows where you are going. Share your hike itinerary with them and call them when you return. In case there is s change in your destination, let your contact know.

Pack the Essentials

Before going to a hiking activity, make sure you bring a compass and a topographic map, extra food, a fire starter, extra clothing, sun protection, matches, flashlight, first-aid kit, and a pocket knife. Also, consider bringing some kind of emergency shelter as the weather can be unpredictable. In case you come across stretches of snow-covered or icy patches you did not expect, just bring ice axes or hiking poles.

Check Weather Forecasts

In the fall, the weather can instantly change. It can get cold, snowy, and rainy without warning. If the weather is expected to be bad, postpone the hide for another day when you have the proper snow traveling equipment and full knowledge and awareness of avalanche danger.
Expect Hunters in the Trails

Fall is a hunting season and hunters come up to pursue deer or elk every year. Make sure you know how to stay safe around hunters in Bromont.

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