Are you ready to do something fun? Jump in your motorhome hire Australia and head on over to Adelaide. If you’re all about keeping up with your budget travelling while getting to know as much as possible, there are ways to enjoy Adelaide without having to spend a lot of money.

First of all, you can actually spend less on your motorhome Australia by looking for an RV company that is willing to let you relocate one for dirt-cheap. Then, another way to travel on a budget is to buy groceries to prepare in your motorhome, instead of eating out too much.

Then, you’ll want to consider spending less on activities and enjoying more free experiences. Before you sigh in dismay, consider the fact that a lot of the wonderful things about Adelaide are actually quite affordable and some of them are free.

To help you plan your budget trip, we’ve compiled some of the free things that you can do in Adelaide. Check them out:

  • Go cycling around Barossa Valley and try some wine while you’re at it. Okay, so you don’t want to mix the two, but just think about taking a free bike ride in Barossa Valley and then spending the night and relaxing the next day while sipping on some delicious wines? Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to enjoy an experience in Adelaide’s neighbouring wine region? Barossa Valley will provide just enough challenge for a cycling tour without being too much for beginners. If cycling is what you love to do, Barossa Valley is the perfect destination for the budget-loving, bike-riding traveler.
  • Explore museums and art galleries. As a culture buff, you may prefer exploring indoors. The good news is that you don’t have to spend too much on seeing some iconic art and history. For example, the South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia are both free experiences that you can enjoy and where you can appreciate the rich history of Australia, as well as plenty of pieces of artwork—more than 38,000 pieces to be exact.
  • Explore the Adelaide Central Market. Sure; you’re going to have spend money on the delectable cheeses and gourmet snacks, but it costs nothing to explore this romantic central market in Adelaide. Buying at the central market is a great way to spend less money and prepare your food at “home,” as opposed to eating out all the time. After all, eating at restaurants can diminish your travel fund greatly, so why not spend a little on some of the delicious goodies to be found in Adelaide’s favorite market?
  • Explore the area around Port Adelaide. You don’t have to spend money to walk around the city, right? A great area to do just that is in Port Adelaide, where you can check out the local galleries, markets, restaurants, and yes, sometimes, you’ll even be able to admire the dolphins that explore the waters in these parts.
  • Hike Mount Lofty. You don’t have to spend money to hike and a great place to do this is Mount Lofty. Mount Lofty is going to reward you for your effort of climbing up with unbelievable views of Adelaide. While there, you can explore the popular trail to Waterfall Gully, which is also a great spot that you’ll want to see while there.
  • Stroll around Adelaide Hills. If you want to get to know more about the local foods and wines, take some time to walk in Adelaide Hills. There, you’ll find vineyards, markets with local produce, and of course, great wines.
  • Check out the Murray River. While you may have to spend some money on some river experiences, there are some that are free. Either way, this long navigable river is an iconic one, so you’ll want to at least check it out while in the area.
  • Go biking in Belair National Park. Cycling is free, right? If you’ve brought your own, you can hop on it in Belair National Park and enjoy the biking trails while observing the wildlife that is abundant there.

In Conclusion

Adelaide is a romantic destination in Australia that offers much in the way of friendly vibes, great wines, and plenty of natural beauty. If you’re tired of bigger cities like Melbourne or Sydney, Adelaide is a great alternative for your road trip destination.

There are several things that you can do for free while in Adelaide, so consider setting aside money for all the important things and then enjoying the free fun to be had in this lovely Australian city.

Get in your motorhome hire Australia and head on over to Adelaide. It isn’t Sydney, it isn’t Melbourne, but it is better; at least if you like smaller cities with plenty of charm. We sure do.

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