With its undulating vineyards, snow-covered mountains and picturesque medieval villages, it’s no wonder that France is a top destination for cyclists worldwide. Whilst France is a popular holiday destination across the UK, a cycling holiday allows you to experience this beautiful country from another angle. Here are just a few of the reasons you should pick France for your next cycling trip.


As we’ve already touched upon, France’s stunning scenery is arguably without compare. With something new to discover around every corner, you certainly won’t be bored when embarking on a cycling trip in France. Head to Provence in the south-east for a taste of everything from the Alps, to vineyards, to the Mediterranean Sea. With so much on offer, this gorgeous area is a top-choice for cycling in France. If you are more of a history buff, then there’s plenty to whet your palette too. From exploring the beaches of Normandy for some World War II insight, to touring the ancient region of Dordogne, with its medieval towns and prehistoric cave art, there is no shortage of fascinating historical sites on offer. If you want a taste of France’s high-life, then why not venture on a tour of the Loire Valley to witness some of the finest castles and most striking chateaux in the country. For a more exotic getaway, you can hop on over to the island of Corsica, where you’ll be able to take a break from the trail on one of its many stunning Mediterranean beaches. Whatever your tastes, you’re sure to find something that will take your breath away in France.

Food and Wine

Next, of course, comes food and wine. France is famous across the globe for its fine cuisine and delectable wine, which adds considerably to its allure as a holiday destination. Whilst some visitors may be wary of packing on the pounds with all of this delicious food on offer, a cycling holiday comes with the added benefit of allaying your guilt. You can eat cheese and drink wine every evening, smug in the knowledge that you’ve worked it all off during the day. Try taking a wine route through the Alsace, Provence or Burgundy for some of the very best and most beautiful vineyards in the country. Stop off at a local bakery to top up your energy with freshly baked baguettes and pastries. Whichever region you visit, you’re sure to find world-class gastronomy in this country.

Ease of Travel

Finally, not to be underestimated is the sheer proximity of France to the UK. This gorgeous country can be reached in just over an hour by plane or just under two hours by car. Now, that’s less than it takes to travel between most major cities in England! This certainly adds to the appeal of a cycling holiday in France, as you don’t need to lug your equipment great distances in order to reach your destination. Indeed, it is even possible to take the ferry across with your bike in just one and a half hours, making this by far the easiest destination to cycle abroad when travelling from the UK.

With such beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine only a hop, skip and a jump from the UK, France really is one of the best destinations for a cycling holiday abroad.

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