Once you enjoy a cycling holiday in any location around the world, you’ll probably wonder why you waited so long to try this mode of travel. If you combine your cycling journey with the marvellous scenery and culture of France, you’ll be wondering again. This time, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t take to the backroads of this beautiful country on two wheels long ago!

A cycling journey of almost any length, alone or in the company of family members and friends, is an experience that you’ll never forget. This may sound trite, a worn phrase if ever there was one, but the truth is that a relaxing ride allows you to enjoy outstanding landscapes as well as excellent food and wine, all at a much slower pace than you might be used to.

All Ages, All Abilities

If you’ve considered family holidays in France, but haven’t combined this with cycling because you don’t feel that you’re fit enough, you can stop worrying. Cycling holidays can be tailored for people of all ages and people of almost all physical abilities. Hundreds upon hundreds of people from the UK choose France as a holiday destination each year with many choosing to add the fun of cycling to the mix. You can choose from a wide range of journeys. You’ll be able to view magnificent snow-covered peaks, enjoy breathtaking coastline scenery, and coast through rural villages that take you into the past.

Maybe your tastes run to the small villages and their enticing bakeries where the fresh creations will draw you in. Think of it! Because you’re moving at such a relaxed pace, you’ll be able to stop and enjoy the flavours and the atmosphere without feeling as if you have to rush to the next destination. Of course, France is world-renowned for wine and cheese so you may want to work with experienced tour planners to make sure that you have these experiences along the way.

Vineyards to Ocean

Travel from the gorgeous vineyards to the ocean with seven night stops as you go from near Bordeaux through pine forests to the ocean at Arcachon Bay. If Provence is to your liking, you can also arrange for a six-night cycling tour of one of the most beautiful national parks anywhere on the planet – Luberon. This tour takes you along the Rhone River banks, through vineyards and olive groves, and includes Saint Remy de Provence, Van Gogh’s adopted home.

Consider some of the recognised names from this amazing country: Loire Valley, Provence, Burgundy, Alsace, and the Isle of Corsica, to name just a few. From March to mid-November, you can travel the wine trails of Provence, spending six nights on a self-guided tour of some of the most beautiful and interesting parts of France. Don’t worry, your overnight accommodations will always be comfortable and convenient because the planners you work with are hooked on both cycling and France!

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